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How to import a motorcycle from the USA into Canada

In March 2007 I purchased a new 2007 Honda Gold Wing in the US and imported it into Canada. The import process turned out to be surprisingly quick and easy and in the end I saved more than $5,000.

One of the frustrations I experienced in doing this was the difficulty in obtaining reliable information. The process of buying a bike in the US and importing it into Canada is fraught with misinformation and confusion and prior to now, fragmented across the Internet with now single concentrated information source. It is my hope that this website will provide a single source for reliable information that will empower my fellow Canadians to unshackle themselves from the unfair burden of the artificially high retail prices charged in Canada for motorcycles and motorcycle accessories.

Iíve divided this document into several pieces; topics I think you should be aware of, information Iíd simply like to and lastly an eclectic assortment of bits and pieces that may or may not affect your import decision and save you a few dollars.
Table of Contents
How to Import a Motorcycle

 Where to† START Registrar of Imported Vehicles


 Comparing PRICESóApples to Apples

 My PURCHASE Decision

 The IMPORT Process



 TIPS and Tricks you should know

 SUMMARY and Contact Information

The import route worked well for me, but it may not be as advantageous for you. Where you live, currency exchange rates and many other factors impact the viability of such a transaction. Each individual must do the research necessary to make their own decision and choose the purchase path that makes the most sense under their own unique circumstances

Remember, your mileage may vary.

It should also be noted that although it may appear Iím picking on Honda Ė Iím really not. I chose a Honda Gold Wing as the right bike for me and hence, thatís the make and model I did all my research on. As a result, itís the only one appropriate for use as an example in this article. It is my understanding that much of this applies equally to other brands of motorcycles though their point of origin (manufacture) may impact import duties and admissibility differently.