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2017 Ride Ideas
« on: November 02, 2016, 12:14:16 PM »
This was bounced around the November meeting.  Som members expressed the desire that dates be set earlier so they can book appropriate vacation time.  Also the idea to avoid long weekends so that family obligations can be attended to and traffic avoided. 

The Alaska Highway/Cassiar route was discussed.  About 2600km, 5-7 days of travel for the adventurous.  For the not so adventurous, heading out partially on that and returning to PG was discussed.

Back and forth to Bella Coola.  About 1400km, 3 days +

PG-LittleFort-Mcbride -PG.  About 1000km if you do some off the beaten track riding past 100 mile.  Paul has a lot at Lac des Roches for a place to pop a tent.
Guy and I did this ride in 2012 in 3 days, the ride back from Lillooet is a hard drag.  The portion from Kamloops to Lillooet is not too long and pretty fun, gives time to go up Hwy 99 and or explore the Bridge River Road.
I did this 2100 km Kooteney loop in 2014 in 5 days with a couple rides off the beaten track in Jasper.

Any other, please chime in....
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